Friday, May 7, 2013 1:49pm CDT

66 degrees     Cloudy Scattered Rain    Wind 8mph NE
Sunrise   5:40am CDT       Sunset   8:39pm  CDT
Some of you may have heard some tremolos just a little while ago.
There has been a single loon here today.
He was hanging around just inside the buoys but did not approach the nest.  This morning he did a 'swim by'.
I thought I saw a band on his leg but I could not be sure.  By the time I had gone back up to the house to get the telescope, he was not raising that leg.  So we just sat and watched each other as he peacefully floated in the area, some distance away from the nest.  And he showed no interest in going over to the nest.
Then he let out one wail and dove.
When he surfaced further out in the lake, he started a series of non-stop tremolos.
I could not see what had frightened him.
But he continued to tremolo.
Then an immature bald eagle came soaring over the trees.  The loon kept calling until the eagle was well on the other side of the lake.
As I continued to watch him through the telescope, I was able to see that he had bands on both legs!  This is one of the 4 adults that we banded last year!  I could also see the data recorder on his leg as well.
But I do not see a mate anywhere around. 
So the questions of this year continue!
There have been numerous calls, in the evening especially, from different parts of the lake.  But none near the nest.  But it shows that there are other loons on the lake.
Today is the closest that a loon has come to the nest this year.
So we continue to wait and watch.
And many of you are such faithful eyes for so many that cannot watch all the time.  Thank you for your service.  I just wish that there was more for you to watch.
Copyright 2013     Larry R Backlund