Sunday, May 26, 2013 6:34 am CDT


(I am not sure why the system did not accept this post from earlier.)


48 degrees CDT     Partly Cloudy    Wind   5mphE

Sunrise   5:32am CDT     Sunset   8:48pm CDT


It is a beautiful morning.

The sun has just cleared the trees.  There was a call from a loon somewhere out on the lake.

Right now there is a single loon way out in the lake from the nest.  Is this our female from last year that we have been able to identify from the bands?  I do not see another loon with this one so I have to wonder if it might be our female from last year.

The loon shows no inclination to swim in to the nest.

Is there such a thing as too many loons?!

Right now two families of geese are swimming by in a parade after having been up on the neighbors lawn (with all that that means).

Each of the families has 5 goslings.  They are already pretty good size.  So there are some species that have nested some time ago and now have their young ones in tow.

I trust that you and your family and friends will enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.  

And that you will pause to remember what we are celebrating.


Copyright 2013     Larry R Backlund