Saturday, June 1, 2013 6:53am CDT

56 degrees F     Partly Cloudy     Wind Calm
Sunrise  5:28am CDT     Sunset  8:24pm CDT
It is a beautiful, calm early Minnesota morning.
The loon nest has been pulled in part way from where it was anchored and toward a more out of the way spot.
The loons are still not using it or nesting.  So the decision to shut down the cam for the year seems to be the right one - actually, under the circumstances, the only decision that could be made.
Will they use it this year?
Hope always springs eternal.
But with every passing day, it looks less and less hopeful that there can be a successful nesting on the platform.  I do not see any indication yet that the loons have built a 'natural nest' anywhere else.
But time is slipping by.
The loons are around.  They generally stay on this side of the lake but meander back and forth.
I may have some news about the pair of loons but nothing that I feel sure enough yet to talk about.  Sorry, I don't mean to tease  you but I want to be sure before I say any more.  As soon as I know more and can say it more definitively, I will share it with you.
But in the meantime, all we can do is wait and see what else nature has in store for us.  Does nature have more surprises in store for us or is this the end of the nesting saga for this pair this year?
Only time will tell.
And time can take so long sometimes!
Copyright 2013     Larry R Backlund