Sunday, May 11, 2014 5:24 am CDT

44 degrees F     Partly Cloudy     Wind Calm

Sunrise   5:47 am CDT     Sunset   8:31 pm CDT

The first light of morning paints the eastern sky a soft pink that is reflected in a huge mirror of a northern lake.

The birds and the rest of the world are just beginning to wake up.

Our loons have yet to make their first visit to the nest this morning, although they will probably be here soon.

Yesterday they made several visits to the nest, including the first mating of the year that I have witnessed!

There has been increased interest in the nest and increased amount of time on and around the nest.  Although they are still away from the nest much more than they are on the nest.

But the increased nest building and mating are encouraging signs.  And hopeful signs that they will use the nest this year and lay eggs.  Unlike last year when they did not nest at all.

I would expect that over the next few days you will see them spend more and more time on the nest, with increased nest building activity.  Until finally they lay probably two eggs.

One of the interesting observations is that so far it seems to be the male that has been doing 90% of the nest building activity.  That is a question that I have had for sometime but could never tell without the loons being banded.

But at least in this case this year, the male of this pair is doing the majority of the nest building.

Some of you have asked if there will be sound this year.  I am hoping so.  And I am hoping that as the good people from Broadband continue to go through all the issues caused by the lightning and reprogram things, the sound will come back.  I apologize and I know how much the sound adds to the whole experience.

It looks like right now somewhere along the line the cam feed has gone down.  Hopefully it is just temporary.  Just know it has been reported and  hopefully it will be restored soon.

I have checked and the cam is sending a beautiful picture from here so it will be a matter of people finding out where the signal is being dropped.  So it does not appear to be a repeat of the camera itself or other equipment here failing.  Once again we are reminded of how many things must work together perfectly to bring you the LoonCam!

We want you to be able to enjoy the loons and this beautiful spring morning.  This Mother's Day!

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