Memorial Day, May 26, 2014 6:50 am CDT

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Sunrise   5:32 am CDT     Sunset   8:48 pm CDT

Expected Egg Hatch  June 6 - 11

First of all, Happy Memorial Day to you and to all our veterans.

We especially remember and honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we do.

So that we can enjoy something so simple and yet so profound as watching loons on the LoonCam.

It was exactly two weeks ago this morning that we saw the first egg being laid.

So officially we are half way to the hatch, although from what we have seen in previous years, we are probably a little more than half way.

The earliest that I would expect to see the egg hatch would be Friday, June 6th and they should for sure hatch by Wednesday, June 11th.  It is hard to believe that the first possible hatch date is only a week from this coming Friday!  Where has the time gone already?

If they have not hatched by the 11th, then there would be cause for concern of whether they will hatch.

But now we have something to aim for.  We have our eyes on the prize!

And is there a man or woman alive with a heart so hard that when they see one of the little black downy loon chicks they don't just reflexively say, "Awwwwww!".

To see those little black chicks so full of life is one of the true miracles of nature.  How can it be that in 4 short weeks we have gone from and egg to a little loon chick?  To have gone from eggwhite and yolk and shell to a beautiful little chick with personality that will steal anyone's heart.

So we are privileged not only to see the beautiful loons we love so much, we are privileged to see the miracle of life itself!

I have been surprised that there has not been even more boat traffic than there has been over the last couple days.  Temperatures have been in the low 80s and people have been out enjoying the lakes across Minnesota.

Today there is a forecast of possible rain later today so that will help to keep down some of the traffic on the lake.  Our male loon seems to take it all in stride.  But the female gets concerned and goes into 'hangover' at the slightest little movement or activity, no matter how far away it is.

We had our family get together yesterday.  And I have to give the kids credit for understanding that while the loons are on the nest, they can't go swimming or use the canoes or the paddleboats or go waterskiing.  So they went to another part of the lake yesterday to go swimming and skiing.

I got a kick out of my neighbors night before last.  They were sitting out in front of their place as I came down to the lake with a pitchfork.

Out beyond the nest, there was a canoe, a boat and a pontoon all slowly passing by.  Staying out side the buoys but all wanting to see the loons.  My neighbor called over to me and said "Boy, it is a popular place, isn't it?"  And then he kiddingly said, "What do you have that pitchfork for?"  I laughed and pointed out to all the people on the lake.

Actually, it had nothing to do with that!  And I fully understand why people love loons and want to see them as close as they can.  I am the same way.

But actually what I had the pitchfork for was that there was a huge dead carp that had washed up on shore.  It had to be at least 15 or 20 pounds.  I had come down to get it and bury it before it got too bad.

Today, once again watch the for the difference in reaction of the male loon while he is on the nest versus the female loon.  The male seems to be much more relaxed and confident and keeps his head held high most of the time while the female is likely to lower her head and go into 'hangover' at the slightest little thing.  It has been so interesting this year to see such a big difference in the reaction of the two loons.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

And remember the brave men and women who have given so much for us.

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