Sunday, May 31, 2015 5:14 am CDT

36 degrees    Clear   Wind Calm

Sunrise  5:29 am CDT    Sunset   8:53 pm CDT


So far I do not see any signs of an imminent hatch.

The loon on the nest, who I presume is the male, is sitting quietly.  No obvious "twitching" from movement of chicks beneath him.

His wings are tightly wrapped around the precious eggs to protect them from the cold morning air.

Wisps of fog drift lazily across the surface of the lake.

We are still under a 'frost advisory' until 8 am this morning.

Right now we are at 36 degrees here at "Loon Lake".  And the temperature still could drop a few degrees in the next couple hours.

A number of reporting stations around the area are already a few degrees lower than that.  And numerous reports around the Arrowhead of Minnesota have temperatures in the upper 20s!

Good grief!  This is the first of June!

The wind has gone way down after the last couple days of winds rocking the nest in the waves on the lake.

The sky is clear and this should prove to be a sunny, if cool, spring day.

A perfect day for our first chick to arrive.

If we are going to have a successful hatch, expect to see one chick hatch first.  And then the other chick will hatch about 24 hours later.

A couple weeks ago I said that if I had to guess, the eggs would hatch either today or tomorrow.

I am still standing by that prediction.

Now we can only wait to see if it comes true.

The drama builds.


Copyright, 2015     Larry R Backlund