Friday, April 1, 2016 5:40 pm CDT

39 degrees   Sunny   Wind NNW 20 mph

Sunrise   6:52 pm CDT Sunset 7:52 pm CDT



The LoonCam is LIVE for 2016!!

There is a cold cold wind out of the north that sweeps across the lake.  White caps dot the surface of the lake.  And waves roll in.

The LoonCam nest is bouncing on the waves.

There were even a few snow flurries earlier this morning!

But the important thing is that the nest is out on the water and ready for loons to occupy it.

The water is bitterly cold.  And when you factor in the strong frigid wind, it was not a pleasant day to be working on the nest or in the water.

I had to come up to the house several times to dry off and thaw out.  But it had to get done today because I will have very limited access to work on the nest, the cam or the blog for the next couple weeks.

But it is out there and ready for the loons ... and YOU!

It will be SO interesting to see what happens this year.

For those of you who may be new to the LoonCam or who have not  been able to follow closely, last year the nest was used by the same pair of loons that has used it for several years. But then in August last year, the male loon from the LoonCam washed up on shore dead.

We still do not know how or why he died.  Hopefully we will learn soon the results of tests being done to determine the cause of his death.

But with the male gone it will be interesting to see what happens.  Will the female come back with a new mate?  Will a new pair of loons take over the nest?  Will the nest go unused?

We will only know what will happen by watching to see what happens.

We have done everything we can to provide the nest.  Now it is up to the loons whether or not they will use it!

Stay tuned.  And keep watching.


Copyright  2016   Larry R Backlund