Friday, June 23, 2017 1:42 am CDT

58 degrees    Clear   Wind Calm

Sunrise  5:26 am CDT    Sunset 9:05 pm CDT


It has been a good night!

I have just gotten in off the lake with Kevin Kenow and his crew from the USGS.

We were able to capture our male loon and retrieve the data recorder/geo locater that he has been wearing for the last 5 years since we put it on him in 2012.

We also captured the female and both chicks.  We were able to band the female so next year you will be able to tell if it is her that comes back to the LoonCam again.  She now has a red band on one leg and a green band on the other leg.

But I am going to bed!

I will give you a more detailed report in the next couple days.


Copyright  2017   Larry R Backlund