March 21, 2018 10:50pm CDT

32 degrees F  Calm   Cloudy

Sunrise  7:16 am CDT   Sunset  7:27 am CDT


Today is the first full day of spring.

But the loons will not be back anytime soon.

Snow still covers most of the ground.  And the lake is still solidly frozen.  I saw a vehicle driving out there a couple days ago.

It sure is a lot different than it has been the last two years.

Last year, the ice went out on March 9th and in 2016 it went out on March 15th.  Both years there were already plants coming up.  But this year the ground is still frozen.

We are supposed to get 6 to 8 inches of snow tomorrow night.

So if the loons know what is good for them, they will wait for a few weeks before the begin their northward trek.

But before we know it, our beautiful loons will be back again and it will be another season of the LoonCam.

So get some extra rest now so that you won't miss one minute of the excitement with our loons.


Copyright 2018   Larry R Backlund