Wednesday, April 26, 2018 11:04 pm

38 degrees F   Clear   Calm

Sunrise   6:11 am CDT    Sunset   8:13 pm CDT

What a difference a week can make.

One week ago today we were under a ton of new snow that we got in a BLIZZARD that lasted most of the weekend a week ago this last weekend.  We got 15 to 18 inches of snow out of that storm here at "Loon Lake".  Add that to the 6 to 9 inches of snow that we got a week-and-a-half before that and you can get an idea of the depth of snow around here

We have set snow records for April with these snows.  This after a winter where we had no had much snow but had had a lot of cold weather.

So this has been one of the latest springs in some time.

Just this last weekend, at least 50% of the ground or more was still covered in deep snow.

But with warmer weather the last few days, most of our snow is now melted except for a few drifts and still quite a bit of snow down by the lake.  The loon nest is still snowbound but it is melting rapidly the last few days.

The snow on the lake itself is mostly melted but there is still at least a couple feet of ice on the lake.

Sunday night just after sunset, I think - THINK - I saw a loon fly over.  It was dark enough and the bird did not call so I am not 100% sure it was a loon.  But it flew in from the west, circled over the area where the nest normally is and then flew off to the south.  I could not tell for sure but would say that I am 60 or 70% sure it was a loon.

And since it flew over this lake and flew over where the nest normally is, I would have to believe that is was one of "our loons" checking to see if their lake was ice free yet.  But alas it isn't and so they could not stay.

I have heard reports from other people about loon sightings in Minnesota and have even seen a couple of pictures.  So there are loons that are back here in Minnesota and trying to find whatever open water they can.

In 2013 the ice did not go out of the lake until April 30th, the latest that I can ever remember.  We may match or exceed that record this year.

We may get our first 70 degree days this coming weekend along with some rain.  If either one or both of those things happen they will weaken the ice quickly.  But it will still take some time.

So we just have to be patient.

Nature will take the ice out whenever it will.  And the loons will be waiting.

And we will be waiting to see and hear our beautiful loons once again.



Copyright 2108   Larry R Backlund