Sunday, February 24, 2019 10:54 pm CST

-8 degrees F Clear Sky Windy

Sunrise 6:59 am CST Sunset 5:52 pm CST

I was a little surprised when I saw that I have not posted anything since the end of July last year. But with the loons not nesting last summer, there was not much to report. Hopefully this summer will be more normal and productive.

We had a fairly mild winter with very little snow.

That is up until the last month.

We have set an all-time record for snowfall for the month of February with well over 30 inches of snow. And the month is not over yet and we are supposed to get more snow this week.

Along with it, we have also had some brutally cold temperatures with windchills at times in the minus 50 and 60 degree range.

We have gotten over a foot of snow in just the last week with some areas getting more than that just last night. And today the whole western and southern part of the state has been under blizzard conditions with Interstate freeways close in the southern part of the state and many people stranded on roads drifted shut. Schools in the western and southern part of the state are either closed or delayed in their opening tomorrow.

The winds have been driving the snow across the lake horizontally today, at times with whiteout conditions on the lake.

So we have no sign of our loons. They are smarter than that. They are safely ensconced down on the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

We are one month away from the official arrival of spring. But it may be a little late this year.

I have mounds of snow 8 feet high where I have shoveled. And I am running out of places to put the snow.

We can hope that we will a gradual thaw. If there is a quick warm-up there is a possibility of spring flooding.

But sooner than we know it, spring will arrive.

And our beloved loons will return once again.

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