Saturday, June 1, 2019 6:20 pm CDT

69 degrees F Sunny Wind NNW 11 mph

Sunrise 5:27 am CDT Sunset 8:53 pm CDT

Today has been another wonderful Minnesota day. A SIMON day if you will.

A high of 75 degrees, sunshine, no humidity and gentle winds. In fact, today a long sleeved shirt felt good. The last two days it got to 90 degrees and 92 degrees. But even those days felt wonderful since there was low humidity. I think Minnesotans do better with winter weather than they do with oppressive summer humidity.

I have often said, “When it gets cold, you can always put ON more clothes. When it gets hot and humid, no matter what YOUR limit is, there is a limit to how much you can take off!”

And so today with the breeze and the cooler but still warm temperatures, it was also an easier day on our loons. Cooler and a breeze to blow away some of the black flies.

Last night we had some heavy thunderstorms and rain and lightning. Those of you who were watching after midnight saw the flashes of light that were so bright that they at times turned off the infrared sensors on the camera. The first couple times the screen went black I held my breath wondering if we had been struck by lightning.

But each time all was well and the picture returned after a few seconds.

Our male loon took it all in stride.

At some of the heaviest rain and lightning and thunder, he actually stuck his beak under his wing and SLEPT!

I have heard that is the definition of “peace”. Not only surviving the storm. But being able to sleep in the midst of the storm.

The clock ticks relentlessly. It was 3 weeks ago this afternoon that the first egg was laid. Can it really be that long ago? Where has that time gone?

I fully expect that by one week from today we may very well have a beautiful little loon chick - maybe TWO!

Right now inside that egg, the small intestines are being drawn into the body of the loon chick. And it is fully covered by feathers/down. What just 3 weeks ago was the egg yolk and white of your morning breakfast is now a little loon chick almost fully developed with a beating heart!

How do we even comprehend such a miracle and such wonder?

Share it with your kids and grandkids. It will be gone all too soon.

Encourage them to watch the LoonCam with you.

And watch the wonder in their young eyes!

Copyright 2019 Larry R Backlund