Friday, June 7, 2019 3:49 am CDT

64 degrees F Partly Cloudy Wind Calm

Sunrise 5:25 am CDT Sunset 8:58 pm CDT

15 hours and 33 minutes of daylight


It appears that we have confirmation of the “pip” that people were seeing yesterday is the actual hatching of the egg that we have been waiting for!

For the last number of minutes, the loon on the nest has been twitching and flinching and lifting which would indicate that one of the eggs is hatching and the adult can now feel the movement and ‘pokes’ by the chick as it tries to make its way out of the shell.

When the loon lifts slightly off the eggs, it appears that as of yet both eggs are largely intact.

So we still have a little while before our little loon actually hatches and comes out of the egg.

There is a lot of work that the little chick has to do to free itself from that very strong egg shell.

So we can expect to see some twitching and flinching and lifting from the adult loon. And then a period of time as it settles back on the egg while the chick has to rest. And then more twitiching and flinching and lifting as the chick once again works to get free from the ‘prison’ of the egg shell that is holding it back from becoming all that it is meant to be and do.

This is a little bit earlier than I had expected it to happen.

It is now 26.5 days since the egg was laid. But being there was not much incubation of the egg for the first day or 2 after it was laid, I did not expect it to be this early. We have seen hatching at 25.5 days before, which has pushed down the commonly accepted incubation time of 28 days. But this is a little earlier than I expected on this one.

The first glimmers of dawn in the eastern sky are beginning to appear. And the first glimmers of life seem to be happening underneath our loon.

But it definitely seems as if a hatch is underway!!

Wake the kids! Get Grandma over to the computer. Call the neighbors!

It seems that SIMON SAYS it is time for our loon eggs to hatch!


Copyright 2019 Larry R Backlund