Minnesota Bound at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair

Shop the great outdoors in the Minnesota Bound log cabin.  Meet the entire team of Minnesota Bound throughout the week.  We hope to see you at the great Minnesota Get-Together!

When: August 23 - Sep 3 (Labor Day)
Where: North Woods (Cooper Street)
What: Minnesota Bound Cabin
More Info: Minnesota State Fair

Watch Minnesota Bound at the Fair

At The Minnesota Bound Cabin

This year we'll be giving away Monarch Butterfly seed packets, plus we'll have Minnesota Bound Bird houses carved out of cedar, AND bat houses too!

The hot product of 2017 was the FireBuggz Fire Fishing Poles! (put your marshmellows or hot dogs on this fishing pole “flipper”) We’ll again have the fishing poles, however we’ve added some new fun “fire pit” accessories, including the Crank Eez (it cranks on the bottom and watch your food rotate), and the “nature scraper” (no more steel bristles in your food).

We’re trying out some MN. Bound “Minnestalgia” items, including some pancake mixes and wild rice soups! We may even try out some MN. Bound jams and jellies!

Tick-er-Tape – Never fear those dreaded ticks again. We love this product at our production office – find out why!

Raven Bandanna – it was time for a “new and improved” Raven Bandanna. All sizes available – come check it out! (Raven will thank you)

We’re rolling out some new clothing styles, including sweatshirts and t-shirts with our new logo!


Ron Schara Outdoor Calendar – It’s a Fair favorite...and we’ll have both the MN. And WI. Versions out at our cabin!

Raven Plush Puppy – Also a MN. Fair favorite....we’ll have our one of a kind Raven Plush Puppies out at the Fair this year. Have Raven autograph one!

The Loon Tune
(made my a littlecouple in Richfield, MN) It’ll amaze you how a piece of string and ;   #2 disc’s on either side sound exactly like a Minnesota loon. Come try it for yourself....you’ll be hooked.
Sandcreek Antler Products: Some of our viewers will remember John and Barb Wermerskirchen – we featured John’s antler art-work on Minnesota Bound. Come marvel at his work in-person, as it will be at our cabin during the MN. Fair. John is featuring his antler roasting sticks and hand-made antler keychacins, as well as some other surprises!

MN. Bound and Raven soap – hand-made by a Minnesota gal especially for our MN. Bound State Fair cabin – try scents like Evergreen, Fisherman’s soap, and “Rum River Raven”.

Maggie’s All Natural Dog Treats – Raven has tested them – be sure to pick up your dog biscuits for your pet at home! 


Minnesota Bound Team Schedule

Join us for the filming of Minnesota Bound live at the fair on Thursday morning, August 23 @ 8AM.  Meet Bill Sherck, Laura Schara and Travis Frank and be a part of the show.

Aug. 24th – Bill Sherck 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Aug. 25th – Laura Schara & Bacon 10am - 1pm
Aug. 27th – Ron Schara (afternoon)

Aug. 30th - Bill Sherck 10am - 2pm
Aug. 31st - Bill Sherck 9 – 11am
Aug. 31st - Ron Schara & Raven 11-1pm
Sept. 1st: - Laura Schara 3-5pm


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Map to the State Fair Cabin