Nest Update March 7, 2013 - Eggwatch Day 4

Happy Eggwatch, MN Bound Eagle Watchers!

Since my last post the cam went down at about 11:30pm nest time Wednesday night and came back up for the early morning coffee crowd.

Mom looked like she spent at least part of the night in the nest and woke to a winter wonderland.

Mom Starts the Morning from 989Razzle:

They were both on and off the nest all morning and then mom stayed for a while.

About 9am Dad came back and decided a big stick was in the wrong place and wrestling ensued. The stick was lost over the edge and nobody won the match.

Branch Slides Over the Edge:

The cam went down for a while about 10am and returned about 2 pm. We were then treated to the biggest stick I have seen them try to wrestle with this year. BBC panned for us as the action developed. Surprisingly they were very cooperative with this one and took turns placing it. Mom got the final say, of course.

No Branch Too Long:

Late in the afternoon they treated themselves to a meal of mallard drake on the nest. They now have some nice duck wings as decoration on the nest. Some fantastic panning was included as they ate their meal. We were hoping to see a brood patch on Dad as he perched above Mom but it was not to be....

Look For Brood Patch And Prey Offering

Mark and the BBC team have been working diligently on the cam outages and have reported that the power system was the culprit. They report they have fixed the problems and we should see no more cam outages for a while. Thanks BBC!

Well, another busy day on the nest and maybe an Egg tonight??

We’ll see! 

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you on the nest!


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