2017 Live Loon Cam

About the Live Loon Cam:

The LIVE Loon Cam is a live webcam on the nest of a common loon, located in central Minnesota, USA.  Larry Backlund is our resident loon expert and the man responsible for launching the loon cam over decade ago.  Larry gives us daily updates in his Loon Blog.  This nest is 100% wild and 100% natural!  Follow the LIVE action here, and like our Minnesota Bound Live Loon Cam page on Facebook to stay connected.

Egg 1: Laid May 6, 2017
Egg 2: Laid May 9, 2017
Expected hatch dates: June 1-5

2015 First Chick Hatch

2015 First Egg Laid

Special thanks to Gail Harless and Orren Reasons for sharing these videos with us.

Broadband Power

The 2017 Live Loon Cam is powered by Broadband Corp - a company that specializes in bringing high-speed wireless internet to hard-to-reach places (like this webcam).  This camera would not be possible without their hard work and dedication.  If they can bring this high quality LIVE stream to a loon nest, just think what they could do for your internet connection & phone lines at home.  Please support them,  Contact Broadband Corp if you have internet needs today!