National Eagle Center to begin blogging

Greetings to all you fellow wildlife fanatics.

Thanks to Ron and crew for asking the National Eagle Center to blog about eagles.  The National Eagle Center is a non-profit educational facility located along the Mighty Mississippi River in Wabasha Minnesota.  We take care of 4 bald eagles and 1 golden eagle who have all been injured in some way and are now not able to survive on their own in the wild and now serve as ambassadors of their kind here at The National Eagle Center. Our eagles have a beautiful home to share with you where you can get a true nose to beak experience. We have 2 two floors of displays and exhibits that tell the eagles’ stories to the visitor. Our eagles also make public appearances at schools, nature centers, veterans program, native american cultural events and the list goes on and on. Harriet the bald eagle has been on the Today Show, Bonnie Hunt Show, The Colbert Report, The Jay Leno Show, but more importantly she is featured on Minnesota's  Support our Troops license plates for her work with our veterans.

My name is Scott Mehus and I am the Education Director at the National Eagle Center.  I will be one of the employees from the National Eagle Center that will be helping to blog about these magnificent bald eagles who we get watch raise their young.  We will try to blog a couple of times each week sharing with you information about bald eagles and the habitats they live in.  Feel free to ask questions and we will try to answer as many as we can, often answering some of those answers to your questions from the chat page in our blog entry, so please be sure to read them as we update them.

We are all excited about the new camera angle and look forward for everyone at home, work, or school to have the opportunity to be citizen scientists and watch and record the daily life of a pair of eagles. Researchers in the past did not have the kind of technology that we have today, nor was there  funding to have a researcher sit near a nest round the clock such as we are now able to do, so let’s have fun being researchers!!