Celebrate Earth Day, everyday

We will be soon celebrating a very important day, Earth Day. Earth Day was created by Gaylord Nelson, who was a Wisconsin Senator. Mr. Nelson wanted to create awareness about our environment in a time when these concerns weren’t a focus in the political arena.  There may be more awareness about the environment now days compared to then, but let’s continue to follow his lead. We all receive so much joy watching this pair of eagles bring new life into this world, lets spread that joy to some action on behalf of all the creatures.

Despite presenting his thoughts and ideas in 1962, his “Earth Day” didn’t immediately take off. A grass roots movement in 1970 brought this day into the collective of Americans. Mr. Nelson said:

“Our goal is an environment of decency, quality, and mutual respect for all other human creatures and for all living creatures. The battle to restore a proper relationship between man and his environment, between man and other living creatures will require a long, sustained, political, moral, ethical, and financial commitment — far beyond any effort made before.”

All these years later Gaylord Nelson’s vision brings communities, countries and people together for a single minded purpose – to make our environment a better place for today, tomorrow and decades to come.  Please celebrate and do your part.