Trapped Eaglet Update

FRIDAY - 10:39 AM

At this time we are doing everything we can to help the trapped eaglet.  Here's an update to help you understand what needs to happen. 

We have been in contact with the Raptor Center, the Eagle Center and the USFWS.  All three of these parties are aware of the situation and doing everything possible to help.  But, it's not as simple as flying up into the tree and saving the bird.

First, the USFWS has to issue a permit to go up into the tree.  We obtained the orginal permit to bring you this webcam, and we have to obtain additional permits to interfere with the nest.  At the moment, we are still waiting to hear back from them.

The Raptor Center is waiting to get clearance from the USFWS.  At this time, it looks favorable that we will get clearance.  Once they get clearance, we will come to our decision on how to proceed.  We are very lucky to have The Raptor Center involved and monitoring this situation.  They are exceptional at these kinds of things. 

We believe that a trained climber will then climb up 75 feet and free the bird.  What happens next is unknown.  If they feel that the eaglet isn't healthy enough to survive, they may bring it back to the center to help nurture its growth.   We won't know until they are in the nest with the bird. 

All of this depends on the USFWS and approval to move forward. 

We will update you as more information becomes available.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We are doing all that we can.