Nest Update March 24, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 15

Good Evening, Fellow HatchWatchers!

It was another quiet day on the nest today. The morning broke cloudy and sorta warm in the twenties. By midday it was threatening to go above freezing! Didn’t make it though. Mom got snowed on a little bit around 8am.

Mom and Dad made several switches during the day with Mom having to persuade Dad to leave a lot. She finally found a way to get him to move. She stood on his tail while she adjusted the Feng Shui!

Chatters were wondering what the difference was between coots and mallards today. Bekka had a pic with both in it for them to peruse.

Mom and Dad left the eggs alone again for a minute and again they were well behaved and didn’t make a fuss!

Mich caught Dad doing a stick delivery. Dad was very good and found a place for it right away. Mom just seemed resigned to his OSD.

MNBound Eagles Perfect Fit

There was some excitement at another nest today. The Duke Farms nest in New Jersey had a hawk attack the nest. The Dad there was on the nest at the time and went into full defensive mode. He caught the hawk and killed it right on the nest. There are videos of the attack here:  As far as we know all is well at the Duke Farms nest and they hope for a hatch in the next few days. Good Luck to them!

There is a new forum where you can get info on a lot of the cams we love to watch. It is called Raptor Central and is updated constantly with new information. Please give a click and visit over there. They would love to have you stop by! Raptor Central

MNVicki discovered today that her cat is a Jedi Knight! The cat typed this for her:   -=[[[[[[========= Looks like a lightsaber to me! LOL

Well, It was an uneventful Sunday at our nest as we wait for a hatch and for Spring to take hold! Hope your Sunday was as nice as ours!

Thanks to all who provided vids and pics to the blog today. You guys are great! 

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you on the nest!


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