Nest Update March 26, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 17

Good Evening, Fellow HatchWatchers!

A bit of a strange day on the nest today! The cam went off the air around midnight and didn’t come back up until 9:30 am. Then we were having all kinds of trouble with posts in the social stream. Then the cam went out again at sunset for about 20 minutes. Hmmm Ustream problems??? Only they know and they ain’t talkin’! LOL  All in all it was another quiet day though. I did catch a pic of Mom in the moonlight before the cam went down.

About mid-morning Mom gently reminded Dad who the big cheese is here.

MNBound Eagles My Turn

Dad had a small episode of OSD today and Mom let him know how she felt. He proceeded to tromp all over the nest and her in an effort to find a place for his newest edition.

MNBound Eagles My New Stick

In the afternoon Mom and Dad had a sweet encounter as they traded places on the nest. This pair is really exceptional in the gentleness of their interactions. Mich989Razzle gave us a great video of their tête-à-tête.

MNBound Eagles Sweetest Exchange

During a nice panning session this afternoon(Thanks BBC!) Gazgeorgia caught a glimpse of supper gliding on the river below.

She also caught a nice shot of the eggs during one of the exchanges. 

Since last weekend Gazgeorgia has been posting a recipe for Krispy Eggs for Easter treats. The recipe is here:Krispie Eggs  and Squirrelmama made some to prove it could be done.

Small ones!

Big Ones!

She made two sizes, some for the small mods and some for the big ones. I will leave it to you to figure out which is which! (The mods I mean! LOL)

Mich caught some good snaps of Mom during the panning today.

Thanks to all who provided snaps and vids for the blog today! You guys are great! And also thanks to Broadband Corp and MN Bound for the cam that keeps us all entertained!

Well, it was a lovely day at the nest in spite of the gremlins in the internet! I am trundling off to my nest for some rest, too.

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you tomorrow on the nest!


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