Nest Update May 31, 2013 - A Wing Waving Friday

Good Evening, Fellow Flapadoodles!!

The day on the nest started sunny and calm with a tasty fishy for breakfish. Harmony and Peace got a sort of slow start on this last day before the weekend but things picked up later in the day. First one would wingersize and crash and then the other would try with the same result. Mom or Dad would sit on the nest with them as it was very windy at times. Lunch was delivered in the form of a rabbit so we get to watch another pair of rabbits feet wander around the nest. Dinner was something else furry and was consumed quickly. As dusk deepened the first drama of the season unfolded. A raccoon, in search of a nice meal, climbed up and poked his head over the edge of the nest. Ever vigilant, Mom was there in a flash to show the raccoon the error of his ways. The raccoon disappeared from view and was not seen again this evening. He may have fallen or he may have just skedaddled when he saw those talons coming his way. We may know in the morning if we see a coon tail on the nest for breakfish. Either way I hope we don’t see another one this season. Or at least until the kids can defend themselves.

On to the pics and vids!

The kids having a slapfest with some great music. Thanks Razzle!

MNBound Eaglets Flapperdoodling

The raccoon comes a’callin!

MNBound Eagles Mom Chases Raccoon from Nest 

And todays pics!

Posing for the new dollar bill

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.17.16 AM.png

Watch This!

5-30-13 From video.png

Oh Yeah? Well here's one with a half twist!


A stealth approach

5-31-13 YT Raccoon.jpg

Not quite stealthy enough !

5-31-13 Raccoon 07.jpg

Mom! What was that??

5-31-13 Raccoon 04.jpg

That was the boogeyman. Go back to sleep!

5-31-13 Raccoon 05.jpg

Friday again huh? Have a nice weekend!

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.44.08 PM.png

A swat of the coon tail to Razzle and BBC for the wonderful pics and vids today! Thanks!

Here’s hoping that your Friday went well and your weekend goes even better! We hope you’ll spend some of your weekend here at the MN Bound nest with us. We’ll see you tomorrow!


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