Wednesday, April 15, 2009 6:55am

39degrees   Clear and Sunny   Calm

On a lake that is almost like a mirror this morning, two loons swim peacefully over to the west.  Are they "our loons"?  I don't know.  One can only hope.

So far I have not seen them come up to the nesting platform.  They have been in the area but I have not seen them on it yet.  How could they ignore something that is so perfect for them?  The thought is but one indication of the "paranoia" that now begins to set in.  Will they use it again this year?  Or will they find some other place to nest?  Or will they nest at all?  Will we be able to watch them on cam?  The questions are endless and normal.

Based on past experience, it is not unusual for them to not spend much time around the nest or on the nest at this stage.

In another week or two, they should start to become more interested in finding a place to nest and then actually beginning the process of building a nest.

So for now we just watch and wait.  There is nothing else we can do.  But it is a good sign that there is a pair of loons on the lake.  Only time will tell if it is "our loons" and if they will nest.

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