Wednesday, April 15, 2009 8:50pm

Total darkness has just fallen over the lake.  Somewhere out there, our loons are swimming.

Today has been an eventful .... and a good ... day here for those of you who are waiting for the loons.

The loons came up and swam near the nest three times today.  Then about 8pm tonight, they came back a fourth time and one of them actually got up on the nest for about five minutes.  That is a very strong sign of taking ownership of the nest.

This evening I checked the entire lake and I could not see the loons.  So I decided it was a good time to put some finishing touches on the nest and the area.  i added some willow branches which give the loons some eagle protection ... it keeps the eagles from swooping down directly on the nest.

And I added some floating buoys which helps to keep boats from "swooping down on the nest"!  Although that is the harder thing to prevent.

It was shortly after I had done these things that they suddenly appeared.  Where they had been, I don't know.  Had they been watching?  were they concerned and/or interested in what I had been doing with the nest?

 They came in and checked out the new buoys and when they were apparently satisfied that they posed no danger, they swam back out into the lake.  And then it was just before dark that they came back and got up on the nest.

I would guess that we are still a week or two away from nest building and egg laying.  But it is very encouraging that they seem to be taking interest in the nest and ownership of the nest.

Stay tuned!!