Sunday, May 31, 2009 12:51pm


72 degrees   Sunny   Wind SE 14mph


On another picture perfect summer day, our loons are doing fine.

Bright sunshine.  Blue sky.  Gentle breezes.  And two gorgeous little loon chicks swimming with their parents.  Does it get any better?!

The parents are in non-stop feeding mode.  And the chicks are in non-stop eating mode.

No sooner than one loon comes up with a minnow and one of the chicks hungrily gulps it down. The other parent dives.  And moments later comes up with another minnow which is quickly consumed.  Dive after dive.  Minnow after minnow.  Meal after meal.

It is sort of like a big Chinese buffet.  But a buffet on a conveyor belt.  Endless food.  Endless appetites.

Sometimes both loon parents dive at the same time and the chicks look around as if to say "Where did everybody go?!"  Only to be greeted in seconds with yet another minnow.

It is so cute to watch as the little balls of down mimic their parents and rise up in the water, their white little bellies exposed, and flutter their tiny little wings.  Or they roll over on their side, once again exposing their beautiful white underside, and waggle a big chickie loon foot in the air.

So enjoy your day, where ever you are.  And know that right now the loons are having a spectacular day.  And they are doing very well!