Tuesday, June 9, 2009 11:32 pm CDT


Since I may have raised your concern about our loon chicks because of my slight concern, I thought I should at least give you an update.

Early this evening I saw one of the adult loons with the two chicks just casually floating near some rushes.

All seemed well.  The chicks seemed healthy and even tucked their little heads under their little wings and took a little nap.

So they are doing fine. 

I didn't see the other 3 loons that were on the lake earlier today nor did I see the mate to this adult.  But everything looks like they have made it through another day in good shape.  There is always the danger with other loons killing the chicks so that is why I was a little concerned earlier today.

But our loons are good.

Tomorrow will already be the two week "birthday" of the second chick!  You will remember that it was hatched just at dusk and we got our first view of a wet chick escaping the eggshell just before it got dark.  How quickly the time has gone.

Someone asked if they had their "pecking order" fight or not.  Since they left the nest so quickly, you were (maybe fortunately) not able to see if they did or not.

Shortly after they left the nest there was a very short fight that I saw.  Mercifully short.  Now whether they had another longer fight I am not sure.  If they did, I did not see it.  Usually they just have one fight and then it is all over and they get along very well.

I will try to update you again in a couple days.  Or sooner if there is anything of interest.