Tuesday, March 30, 2010 4:25pm


72 degrees   Partly cloudy   Breezy


At least one loon is back!!!

This morning the wind starting picking up a little bit.  And by noon, the lake was ice free.

For the next 8 months, Minnesotans will have trouble walking on water!  But oh how we do enjoy our time on our wonderful lakes!

Just a few minutes ago I thought I heard the call of a loon.  I went down to the lake to look but I couldn't see any loons....only a pair of Canada geese and a bunch of seagulls.

But wait!  There it was again!  Could it be?

I scanned the lake with the binoculars.  Nothing.  No loons.  

I called.  And back came the call of a loon!

His call allowed me to zero in on where the call had come from.  But there was no loon there.  I KNOW I heard a loon.

And then the loon surfaced.  Sure enough!  There was a loon.  He was simply diving and fishing.  But I only saw one.  Is it one of "our loons"?  Or is it a loon passing through?

He kept diving and fishing.  He must be very hungry after his long migration north.  But I do not see a second loon.  That is not unusual.  Sometimes a pair both arrive on the same day (like they did last year).  And sometimes the male will arrive a day or two before the female joins him.

We will just have to wait and see.  Now the questions start!  Is this one of 'our loons'?  Will the mate come in the next day or two?  Or is this a loon just passing through and waiting for the ice to leave the lakes in northern Minnesota and Canada?  Will they nest this year?  Will they use the nesting platform?  Will we be able to watch them on the webcam? 

Will they once again grace us with their presence and let us be a part of the wonder of watching the miracle of life!

We can only wait and hope!