Thursday, April 22, 2010 12:29pm


62 degrees   Sunny  Calm


I think you are going to love the new microphone on the nest.

A few minutes ago while I was in the house for lunch, I was startled to hear a loon call on the speaker.

I looked at the tv and there were no loons in the picture.  But when I went out with the binoculars, there were both loons swimming quite a ways away from the nest.  But their call came over clearly with the new microphone.

It is amazing the sounds you will hear.  SO many birds singing, boats out on the lake, airplanes flying over and train sounds from miles away.

I am so hoping that they will be able to get all the technical problems worked out soon so that you can see and hear what I am seeing and hearing.  The gnomes are working so hard .... it unbelievable all that it takes to make this happen and bring it to you.

But hopefully soon.....

You are going to love it.

Today is a wonderful blue-sky day that is picture perfect!  A patented Minnesota day.  These are the days that dreams are made of.