Friday, April 9, 2010 8:52pm


54 degrees   Calm and Clear


The sun set an hour ago and there is just the slightest hint of glow in the northwestern sky.  That will become more pronounced as spring progresses until we reach the point where we have that magical twilight most of the summer. 

But right now it is dark and somewhere out on the lake our two loons are swimming.

It has been a beautiful, bright sunny warm day with the high about 72 degrees.  We have been blessed with an unusually mild and warm spring.  But we do need rain.  It is so dry here.  But as of now the lake level is near normal.

Since it has been a week since I last wrote, I wanted to bring you up-to-date on what has been happening.

This is that sort of  'in between time' without a lot of activity to report.  I haven't seen a lot of the loons. Once again even before the nesting platform was out, the loons came in and swam right over the area where it always is anchored.  It is like they know exactly where it has been in previous years.  But they are around and I see them once in a while and occasionally hear them.  To hear that haunting call immediately transports you to the northwoods and the memories of camping and fishing trips through the years.  That amazing call that speaks of all that is wonderful and wild.

They  have not gotten serious about nesting yet.  It will all come in due time.

The nest is out and ready for them.

The last several weeks I have done a major rebuild and renovation on the nesting platform.  You won't notice much difference on the surface but hopefully this rebuild will keep it in good shape for a couple more years.

I wish you could see what I am seeing on my television right now.  The night vision camera is working well and I think you will enjoy this new addition.  As we have been hinting at and telling you, we have two new features this year that we hope will make the LoonCam even more special for you.....night vision and sound!

Very soon you also will be able to see what I am watching right now.  The technical gurus are working on all the things that are necessary to be able to get the picture and sound from the nest to your home and your computer.  I know that they are hoping to have everything online very soon.  So keep watching and checking.

In the meantime, feel free to use the chatroom to share your experiences with others.  And let us know when you see loons showing up for the first time in your area or your lake if you are in loon country.

You may be interested in a website that tracks the northward migration of loons and other birds and allows you to report your sightings.  It is Journey North at

I expect that in the next couple weeks the loons will start to get more serious about nesting and by the end of the month hopefully we will once again be witness to one of the miracles of nature as the loons lay their eggs and hatch new loons chicks.  It is a tense time as well.  The nest is out.  But now everything is up to the loons.  There is nothing I can do to MAKE them use the nest.  They are the ones who decide IF and when they will use the nesting platform.   Everything is now in their court.

So stay tuned and join us in this amazing journey and this unique look into their lives.