Thursday, May 6, 2010 5:23am CDT

37 degrees  Wind N5mph
As the first glimmer of the light of dawn paints the northeastern sky, a loon faithfully sits on its new egg on a chilly northern lake in Minnesota.  It has almost made it through the first night.
Where less than 24 hours ago there was only a mass of dead vegetation, this morning there is a nest with an egg under a loon.  An egg with the promise of new life!
All night long, the loon has sat faithfully on that egg.
Ever vigilant through the dark night, the loon has closed its eyes for only seconds at a time.  Always watching for danger that could come out of the dark at any minute.
And now with the first glimmering of the dawn...the first full day of sitting on the egg...there is the hope of not only new life from this egg.  There is the hope that somewhere deep inside this loon, there is yet another egg forming that will be laid in a day or two.
But for now there is enough to worry about to keep this egg safe and warm.  The worry of a second egg can wait for a day or two.
Because for the next 28 days, this loon and her mate will remain faithfully anchored to this nest and this egg.  They will almost equally share nesting duties.  And very seldom will the nest ever be left uncovered.  Research has shown that upwards of 99% of the time, they will be sitting on the egg.
So on this spring morning in Minnesota, it is hope that springs eternal.
Hope for the miracle of the creation of new life!