Saturday, May 8, 2010 6:47am CDT

You are watching right now one of the dangers to loons hatching their eggs! 
The female loon got off the nest without the male in sight.  For some reason, she doesn't seem to be overly concerned to head back to the nest but she does have her head held very high.
At first it is if she is looking for the male. 
She swims back to the nest and preens, but does not get on the nest.  Then she swims back out. 
It is then that I see her and the male swimming together with heads held very high.  What are they concerned about.  There is no calling however.
THERE it is!  The object of their concern.
There is a third loon in the area!
An intruder loon that they are concerned about.  It is now 20 minutes that she has been off the nest leaving the eggs exposed to the cold!