Thursday, June 3, 2010 11:25pm CDT


63 degrees   Rain  Calm


We still wait for a loon chick.

It is the focus of all that has happened over the last 4 weeks.

Right now it is lightly raining.  The rain is no problem for the loon.  She is used to water.  The temperature is mild as well so it is probably very refreshing for her as she sits on the nest.  The rain is supposed to last all night and into the morning tomorrow.

There is a possibility of some thunderstorms developing over night.  There is a chance some will become severe but lets hope that nothing severe comes near the loon nest.

It looks like we are moving into a rainy period over the next several days.  We need the rain badly and it really should not have much of a negative effect on a newly hatched chick.  They are ready to get in the water within 24 hours anyway.  So a little rain will not hurt them, especially with mild temperatures.

Tomorrow night is 28 days for the second egg.  Will tomorrow be the day that we see a chick?  We can only continue to watch and wait and hope.

The loon has the night shift.  

So all the rest of us can go to bed!