Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:46pm CDT


68 degrees   Starlit and thunder  Calm


I just came in a few minutes ago.  The loons out on the lake were calling their beautiful calls.

The moon is almost full.  The stars bright in the sky.  And flashes of lightening off to the west.  And muffled thunder.

A couple hours ago, I had gone down to the lake to wash my hands and arms and legs after doing a lot of work.

One of the loons was sitting only about a hundred feet beyond the end of the dock.  It was good to see him in so close.  He looked wonderful.

I went out to the end of the dock and sat with my feet in the water.

The loon did not move away.  He simply sat and watched me.  And I watched him.  And he watched me watching him.  

I started quietly calling to him to see if he would answer me.  Hoots and quiet wails.  Quiet so that the neighbors would not think I had completely lost my mind!

He didn't answer.  But he didn't swim away either.  We both just sat and enjoyed the moment.  Or at least I enjoyed the moment.

The whole sky above me was completely clear.  The full moon hung just above the trees.  The first stars started to twinkle as we sat there.  Off to the west was a high bank of dark clouds.  Occasionally there was a flash of lightening deep within the clouds.  The sun had set about half and hour before and darkness was quickly settling.  But this was still that magical time of twilight.

What could be more perfect than to add a loon close by on a lake of mirror.

He floated.  I sat.  Both of us content to just "be".  Both of us looking at each other.

What was he thinking?  The nesting platform floated close by.  Did he remember it?  Did he remember me?  Did he recognize me?

This went on for close to half an hour.  Finally I was having trouble making out his silhouette in the shadows of the darkness.  But he was still there.  

Another loon called from across the lake.  I wondered if he would answer.

He didn't answer.  He turned and looked that direction but made no move to swim away.

As I headed up to the house, he was still floating there.

But sometimes moments are too magical and magnificent for words!