Monday, April 25, 2011 4:52pm CDT


66 degrees   Sunny   Wind East 8mph


Yesterday was an absolutely spectacular Easter Sunday.  And today matches it.  Tonight and tomorrow there is a prediction of some rain.

The LoonCam is now live on both MNBound and Wild Earth tv!  Tell your family and friends and schools to join in this exciting adventure for this year.  Who can even predict what will happen?  But we will enjoy it and learn as we observe it together.

As you have already seen, the loons have been spending more and more time around and on the nest.  There have already been several matings.  Each time that they are on the nest and each mating increases the chances that they will use the nest this year and that we will once again be able to enjoy watching them.

There are still a couple things that I want to get done before they actually begin their nesting.  Things like attaching some willow branches to the platform to try to keep the eagles from swooping down on the nest directly.  Putting out the swimming platform and some buoys to try to keep boats from coming too close.  And a couple other things to help.

I will have to watch for times when the loons are not in the area to do this work in the next day or two.

So if you see some activity around the nest, that is what is happening.  You may see or hear a couple big splashes when I throw the buoys out, trying to get them out farther without having to go out too deep into the water.  The water is still painfully ice cold!

Since we have the microphone, I will try to explain what I am doing if I am near the nest.

So gather 'round and enjoy the show as we welcome our loons back for 2011!