Friday, April 29, 2011 5:44am CDT


30 degrees   Clear   Wind Calm


The morning light graces the eastern sky.

Along the eastern horizon, there is a combination of hues.  Pinks.  Light blues.  Golds.  Just a sliver of light that begins to drive the darkness to the western sky.

The pair of loons sits near the nest.  Silhouetted against a perfectly calm surface of the lake.

It is a magical time.

A beaver swims by the nesting platform.  

But fortunately he seems not to even give the frost-covered nest a passing glance.  He continues to swim and disappears off to the side, seemingly unaware of either the stage or the drama that will happen on it in the coming weeks.

As if on cue, the two loons approach the platform and one of them 'mews'.  

The beauty of this great cathedral overarches this scene.  Even though there may not be a choir or an orchestra, the choir of the morning song of birds awakening rivals any royal choir anywhere in the world.

The nest sits empty but welcoming, seemingly ready for its most precious charge.

Will today be the day that the first egg is laid?

It could very well be.  If not today, then soon.

Over the last day or two, the loons have spent increasing amounts of time near the nest.  It is an encouraging sign that things are rapidly building to a climax.

So with great anticipation, we wait.

On this beautiful spring morning, the tremolos of our loons echo across the lake.

Oh, if only we could bottle moments like this and keep them forever!