Tuesday, May 31, 2011 9:22pm CDT


62 degrees  Cloudy  Wind  17mph SW


Much sooner than I would have liked, the  chick is now in the water!

There were several wails from the loon on the nest and the mate had come in to once more swim around the nest.  The he started yodeling.  There were a number of yodels and tremolos.  

Then the loon on the nest left the nest to join the mate.  And the chorus of yodels and tremolos continued.  I could hear flying tremolos from a loon overhead.

The chick sat exposed on the nest with the second egg.

Everything in me screamed 'Stay put!'

But in response to all the calls, the chick made his way to the edge of the nest and bravely without hesitation jumped into the nearly dark, wavy water at 9:16pm CDT.

Right now he is out there somewhere in the blackness!

Hopefully riding on the back of his parent.  Safe and warm.  Hopefully.

It is a big, dark and cruel world out there.

Oh, if only he had stayed on the nest at least through the night.  At least waited until daylight to jump in.

What a day filled with drama!

But I am not sure we needed THIS drama to cap an exciting and eventful day.  Who could have predicted it.

So now we can only hope that he is safe and warm and well.

And we can only wait to see what morning light brings!


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