Wednesday, May 4, 2011 12:15pm CDT

65 degrees   Sunny  Wind 13mph  SE
Right now, one of the loons is up on the nest and the other one is swimming nearby.
The sounds and the mewing seem to be louder and more intense.
Could this be a sign that we are close?
I along with everyone else think the same thing everytime she is up on the nest.  And each time my heart sinks when she leaves.
I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up too high or anticipate too much.
But I can't help it.  Hope takes over each time.  Only to be dashed each time she leaves.
I notice from the Chat Room that they have been up on the nest several times this morning and even mated once again.  How many times has it been?  I need to go back and count.
I have to be honest that I am surprised it has gone this long.  I had expected that we would have an egg by now.  From my observations of previous years, once they started getting serious on the nest, it was not all that long before the first egg was laid.
But then the pair last year took longer than 'normal' to lay an egg.   So maybe that is just one more indication that this is the same pair as was on the nest last year.
Questions questions questions.
And very few answers.
She is still mewing more loudly.  She seems to be taking deeper breaths.  Her left wing is held in a lower than normal position, like she is getting ready to brace herself.
So once again we wait.  And watch.  And wonder.
Questions or comments?