Wednesday, June 1, 2011 1:23am CDT

After resumption of more calls from the nest and the lake, mostly wails, the loon on the nest got off and into the lake.
I really could not see anything on the exposed egg that indicated hatching.
However, when she came back and rolled the egg, I am almost positive that I can see a pip hole in the egg.
The plaintive wails continue from both on the nest and on the lake.
But the best news is that I am almost positive about also hearing the chick.  I could not believe it at first and did not want to get my hopes up.
But it is there!
I have not seen the chick nor have I seen the other adult loon.
But I do not think I am imagining what I am hearing.  I am close to 100% sure that the chick is somewhere close by.
I would like it to be on the back of the other loon rather than swimming in the water.  He is capable of swimming but there are too many big things in the dark that would love a little loon snack.  So I don't want him swimming.
The loon on the nest continues very plaintive calls.  And the chirping continues.
But I feel better going to bed now 'knowing' that I have heard the chick and he is obviously still alive even though I have not seen him with my own eyeballs.  I can maybe sleep a little bit at least.
Stay safe little loon until morning comes!