Thursday, June 9, 2011 7:02am CDT


48 degrees  Cloudy  Wind 4mph NE


The change 24 hours can bring is unbelievable.

On Tuesday, we were struggling with record high temperatures and humidity, which is now blanketing the East Coast.

Then yesterday it was downright chilly.  And windy all day long.

So many times this dramatic of a change in weather involves storms moving through.  This change happened with only a change in the direction of the wind.

The important part though is that our loon chicks are doing well.

And growing so fast.

But they should grow fast with the rich diet of fish that they consume constantly.

I would say that they are easily 4 or 5 times the size they were they hatched just over a week ago.  The rapid change is stunning to see.

They still ride on the parents back whenever they get a chance.

But where both chicks could ride on the back with room to spare, now when both chicks are on the back it is getting pretty crowded up there!

After another week, when the chicks are two weeks old, riding on the back will become less and less common.

Yesterday afternoon, the loons called excitedly from out on the choppy waters of the lake.

There were TWO eagles circling over the lake.  And then a very large hawk also flew over.

But it was the eagles that the loons were concerned about.

And they kept calling until the eagles moved on.

Today promises to once again be a cool and windy day.

But that is fine with the loons.  They are back in their element, water, and can handle almost anything.

And the chicks have grown enough that their chances of survival increase every day.

Things are good!


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