Friday, September 10, 2011 11:09am CDT

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I received an email from Kevin Kenow this morning about the loons that were implanted with satellite transmitters last year.
Five of them are still transmitting but their batteries may not last beyond October and that is why they are not listed on the the tracking page.
But Kevin is still tracking them and has said he will update me periodically on them.  When he does, I will be sure to update you as well.  Once again the website tracking the loons this year is
Here is the email from Kevin:
"Friday, September 9, 2011  7:48AM
Hi Larry, 

I am still receiving signals from 5 of the loons radiomarked in 2010, including "Big John" [Big John is the surviving loon from St John's University].  The batteries are expected to expire in October, so we did not include these loons on this year's webpage.  However, I am keeping track of them and forwarding noteworthy movements to those interested. 

Sorry I missed your visit to La Crosse this summer. 

Best regards,