Wednesday, April 25, 2012 11:05pm CDT

56 degrees F   Partly Cloudy  Wind 20 mph NNE
All of a sudden the wind has picked up as a front is apparently coming through.  What had been a lake as still as a mirror not more than a few minutes ago is now rolling with white caps.
The nest is rocking and rolling in the waves.
Today has seen its share of technical challenges.
For those of you who sympathized with the computer problems I am having right now, I thank you.  I am not sure if this is related to this morning's problems [which continue tonight], but about 5 pm I found out that a virus was sending out emails from my account.  Tracing things back, it turns out I got the virus from a very trusted person  whose name you would recognize if I said it.  But it certainly is NOT their fault.  They are a victim as well.
And then there have been the technical problems with the site.  [btw, the problems with my computer are totally unrealted to some of the other glitches .... it is not in that loop at all.]
But I trust that you can see some of the improvements in sight and sound that have come from experimenting and tweaking.  Nothing is ever as easy as it seems sometimes.
The good people at Broadband have been so great to work with.  Where else would you get the president of the company personally working at this time of night to give you the best experience possible?!
The loons have been on the nest at least a couple times today and they continue to show definite ownership of the nest.  Including defending it from other loons and from a goose who was unceremoniously ushered off the nest by a loon.
There have been several instances of territorial calls (yodels and tremolos) but no chases that I have seen or heard of (but I was gone for most of the day.
Even though we get impatient that the loons have not laid an egg yet (yes, include me in that), we are still within the normal range for egg laying on this particular nest.  In far northern Minnesota, New England and Canada, many loons do not nest until the first of June.  The norm here has been for them to nest the last part of April or the first part of May.
So there is absolutely no need to get concerned yet.
I would like to see less territorial battles.  But even that is normal for loons.  You are having the privilege of being a part of something that happens with loons all across "the great north country".  You may not be able to see the actual chases and battles as they happen, but through other videos and just being a part of this hopefully it brings a whole new understanding and appreciation of what loons go through to raise one or two little chicks.  
And to hear the calls .... the yodels and tremolos and wails.
What excitement will tonight bring?
Intruding loons?
Thank you for watching.  And thank you for your wonderful patience as some of the unforeseen glitches are worked out.
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