Saturday, May 19, 2012 6:58am CDT


Once again this morning, right after I had finished my blog, there was a whole lot of action.

Seemingly, loons from every direction!

I will spare you a detailed recounting of my notes from this morning.

But suffice it to say that when the loon left the nest shortly before 6am, there were once again confrontations and many interactions.  The interactions were mainly between three loons.  Interactions between what I think are 'our' pair of loons and the loon that I have come to ignominously call 'Pencil Neck'.

There has been circling.  And diving.  And splashing.  Some calling.  And some flapping/rowing 'escapes'.

Take offs and landings.

This morning I have seen no less than 6 loons on the lake.  Yes, you read that right .... SIX.

So I guess it is no surprise that there are some conflicts and confrontations.

But I wish in some ways that we could just build a wall around 'our loons' so that they would not see or have to confront other loons.  To defend their territory.  So that they could just concentrate on one thing ... sitting on eggs and taking care of them.  And successfully hatching two eggs and giving us two impossibly cute little loon chicks.

But what we are watching is reality.

This undoubtedly happens on countless lakes across the great north woods of the United States and even moreso on the hundreds of thousands of wilderness lakes in Canada.

And we have the privilege of having a front row seat without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes!

Who could have ever imagined such a thing even a few short years ago.

So rather than concentrating on the 'conflict', we should be grateful that we sit in the front row of the theater as we get an unparalleled view of what nature has to offer us.

So enjoy today's 'act' in this multi-act drama unfolding before your very eyes!


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