Wednesday, May 23, 2012 2:17pm CDT


 A few minutes ago, there was yet another confrontation between 'our pair' of loons.

Things had been calm for sometime with one loon on the nest and the other loon swimming just out beyond the buoys.

Then I heard 'flying tremolos' from a loon flying around the lake.

The male, who was swimming out beyond the buoys started yodeling, telling anyone who was within earshot that this territory was taken.

The loon on the nest gave a short tremolo and then left the nest and swam out to him.

A loon came flying in over the lake and landed most of the way across the very calm lake.  A beautiful huge white swan is also swimming across the lake.

The two loons swam together looking towards where the third loon had landed.  All was peaceful.

Suddenly there was  a huge splash and both loons rose up out of the water with wings spread, facing each other.

They both dove.

One surfaced some distance away and immediately started rowing across the surface of the water all the while calling.  She settled down, peered under the water and immediately started rowing and calling.  The other loon surfaced nearby.  Only his head out of the water.  Again and again.  The loon fled.

Finally everyone settled down and one of the loons returned to the nest while the other one swam further out in the lake.

The questions continue!