Sunday, June 3, 2012 12:07am CDT


54 degrees    Clear     Calm


Sometimes I find my 'wishes' coloring my observations.

And of that I try to be careful.  But it is hard to keep the two separate.

I with many of you have observed what appear to be small twitches and movements that seem to signal that something that is happening under the loon or in the eggs.

That may be the case.  Or it may not be.  The proof isn't here yet.

When the loon has been off the egg, I look very carefully at the eggs to see if I can see a hole or a pip.  Sometimes I think I can see something.  And other times I am convinced it is just a shadow.

Does all of that feel and sound familiar?

We want something so bad that sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we are simply imagining what we want to be realilty.

I find it very encouraging to see what seem to be those "small movements".  They MAY indicate that we really have chicks inside the eggs.

Hope springs eternal.

But the only way we will know for sure is to watch carefully.

The tension and excitement builds.

And sometimes the land of wishes crosses over and intrudes into the land of reality.