Tuesday, June 5, 2012 10:05pm CDT

70 degrees F     Clear     Calm
I just wanted to give you a end of the day update about our loons and our little loon chick.
They are doing well.
Amazingly our pair of loons seem to be getting along better now than they have previously this year.
For the entire day, the loons and chick have been in the area of the nest and better than half of that time both parents have been with the chick.
Surprisingly, 90% of the time they have been to the 'backside' of the camera.  Now I know that does not really help you feel better.  But even if we had a wider view of the lake, you would not have been able to see them  Like I say, I do not expect that to make you feel better but I just wanted you to know where they were.
Trust me, I fully understand how and why you would like a wider view.
As darkness was complete just a little while ago, the loon and the chick were straight out beyond the nest.  Only one of the loons was with the chick now.
It will be interesting to see if they try to return to the nest again tonight.
There still is no reason to completely give up on the second egg.  But with every passing hour, the chances of a successful hatch become less and less.  Especially with no loon on the nest and the egg exposed to the hot sun all day.
But the best thing is that right now we have one very healthy and active chick.  And he is doing well.