Friday, July 13, 2012 4:10am CDT

69 degrees     Rain     Wind 3mph S
Sunrise  5:38am     Sunset  8:59pm
I have just gotten back off the lake after the banding of our loons.
And I have good news for you.
We had hoped to capture and band 7 loons.
And we did capture and band 7 loons.  Or let me correct that.  We captured 7 loons.  And we banded 6 loons.
Our little chick from the LoonCam was just a little too small yet to put bands on him.  If we had put bands on him, they probably would have been too loose and would have come off.  If we put smaller bands on him, they would not allow enough room for normal growth of his leg.
But if you will pardon me, I am going to bed.
I will try to tell you more about what happened in the next couple days.
There were challenges.
But just know that the banding went well and the loons took it with relatively little stress.
So six loons are now sporting new 'bling' that they can show off to their fellow loons!
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