Tuesday, May 28, 2013 7:05pm CDT


59 degrees F     Cloudy     Calm

Sunrise   5:30am CDT     Sunset  8:50pm CDT


Before we reach the end of the 2013 LoonCam season, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and tell you all how special you are.

Your words of gratitude and your appreciation for the LoonCam make it all worthwhile.

And your words indicate how quickly this cam and the loons have worked their way into all our hearts.  Even this year when glimpses of the loons have been so few and far between.  Which is a testament to just how special and intriguing and haunting these beautiful birds are.

Anyone who has ever heard the call of a loon in the wild as it echoed across a great northern lake, will forever remember that sound and will never forget how it awakens something deep and almost primal within the very core of our being.

It is a sound and a call like no other.

For those of us who live with loons, we sometimes take them for granted and forget how truly special they are.  Very few areas of the country ever get a chance to enjoy them in all their black and white splendor or to hear those haunting calls.

So for those of you from other parts of the country and even other parts of the world, thank you for reminding us of how special they are and reminding us to never take them for granted.

Even here in Minnesota, which has more loons than any other state in the Lower 48 [in fact as many loons as ALL the other 49 states put together!], most people in the southern half of the state never get to enjoy loons.  So even in Minnesota they are very special.  No wonder they are the Minnesota State Bird.

The lake is unusually quiet tonight.  So quiet that some of you may think the sound has already been turned off.  It has not been.  Everything will remain intact up until the last minute.

I am thinking that the camera will go black sometime after midnight, when everything else has gone black.

It is interesting that a couple people have mentioned leaving the nest out and letting the loons do whatever.  I have also been thinking how to do that as well.

Someone asked if it would be safe with little kids swimming near the nest.  That is something I had not even thought of.  But that would be a very real danger to little kids, or anyone for that matter who swam too close to nesting loons.

What I had been thinking of trying is to tow the nest to a spot near shore but somewhat out of the way.  It will still be impacted by people and boats and activity.  But at least if the loons do want to use it instead of finding a 'natural' area, we can see what happens.  Either way they are going to be subjected to a lot of activity.

I will try to update you periodically over the next few months of what I see, if anything.

For whatever reason, this year it was just not to be.

So enjoy these last few hours.  I just wish we had a beautiful Minnesota sunset instead of the gray clouds.  But even that can be so peaceful.

But I mainly wanted to say THANK YOU, before everyone scatters, to all of you for being so wonderful.  And for allowing the loons and especially the LoonCam to become a special part of your life and your day.




Copyright 2013   Larry R Backlund