Wednesday, March 5, 2014 10:18pm CST

9 degrees F     Clear     Calm

Is it possible that we are already into March of a new year?

We are already into "meteorological spring".  But we are no where near what any of us would consider "spring".

For those of you in other parts of the country, or especially other parts of the world, this has been a very difficult and cold winter.  Since the first of December, we have had 63 days that were BELOW ZERO!  Today was the first day in the last 14 days that we did not go below zero.

But today there was a ray of hope that spring may actually arrive 'someday'.  Today I saw puddles of water.  Actual water.  Actual LIQUID water standing in some of the streets.  That is the first time I have seen that since last fall.

This winter has been a difficult one all across the country.  Snow and ice and cold has gone much further south than in a 'normal year'.  There is the third most snow cover in history across North America right now.

The Great Lakes are more than 90% ice covered.  Lake Superior is almost completely ice covered.  The normal shipping season on the Great Lakes is supposed to start in a couple weeks.  At this point, it looks like it may be late.

And our beloved loons are no where to be found.  If they have any sense, they are still down on the Gulf of Mexico.  But that mysterious 'tug' will eventually pull them North.  Right now they will not find any open water to land on except maybe a few spots open in the Mississippi River.  But even those spots are few and far between.

In 2012, the ice went out of the lake here on March 23rd, one of the earliest ice out dates I have seen here.

However, as you will remember, last year the ice did not go out until April 30th.  One of the LATEST dates I have ever seen.

So as much as we like to think we can control things, once again we are reminded how powerless we really are in the face of Mother Nature.  She will do what she wants, when she wants.

So we will just wait.  For there is nothing else we can do.

And once of these days, the snow and ice WILL melt.  And our loons will once again grace us with their presence.

The forecast is that we may actually get 40 degree temperatures as early as next week.  That is 40 degrees ABOVE zero, not below zero!

Welcome back to a new season of the LoonCam!

We can't wait to see our beautiful friends again.

Now is the time to tell your family and friends to get ready for another season of the LoonCam.

Hope springs eternal!

Copyriight 2014  Larry R, Backlund