Thursday, April 9, 2015 10:17 pm CDT


32 degrees F     Mostly Cloudy     Wind Calm

Sunrise   6:39 am CDT     Sunset  7:51pm CDT


Our first full day of the 2015 LoonCam.

I am sorry that I did not get a chance to write earlier today.  I was in a Board meeting for a good share of the day and then spoke to a conservation group tonight about our loons.

Hopefully you will get a chance to glimpse the loons.

But it may not be much more than a "glimpse".

For the first week or two they will swim by the nest and then get up on the nest to check it out.  They will probably even do some nest building behavior and move some of the stuff on the nest around.  But don't expect them to spend much time there.

But I would expect (and they have proved me wrong so many times) that after a couple weeks at most, you will see a change in behavior and they will visit the nest more often and stay longer.  They will begin to mate on the nest.

Then suddenly, or at least it seems 'sudden', they will become much more serious about their  nest building behavior.

And that is the time that we wait so patiently (or not) and so breathlessly for.

So enjoy the view of the nest and the lake.

It is supposed to start warming up tomorrow and possibly reach 70 over the weekend.  We should see the sun over the next few days.

Even as I am writing this the loons have a beautiful loons chorus going!

Contact some of your local teachers and encourage them to let their students view the Looncam.  They will learn SO much.  ALL ages of students.

I still remember the teacher from California who wrote to me a couple years ago to thank me for providing the LoonCam.  She said that she had never had a more effective motivational tool.

She said her kids LOVED watching the LoonCam.  They asked her to turn it on as soon as they walked into school in the morning.  She said she started telling them that as soon as they ALL had their work done, she would turn the LoonCam on.

She said she had never had a more effective way of motivating them.  The 'smart' kids would finish first and then they would help the other kids finish their work, because they knew that they could not watch the LoonCam until ALL of them finished.

What a great story of using it as a teaching tool!

Get your sleep now ... it becomes ever more intense and addictive with every passing day.


Copyright 2015     Larry R Backlund