Thursday, March 24, 2016 11:01 pm CDT

27 degrees  Clear  Wind Calm

Sunrise  7:07 am CDT    Sunset  7:37 pm CDT


I think I am finally able to post to the blog again.  Hopefully.  I have no explanation why the system would not let me post before.  But let's give it a try.

We are rapidly approaching the most special time of the year that all of us look forward to - LOON TIME!

The ice went out of the lake here on Tuesday, March 15th.  That is the earliest that I have ever seen it go out.

So far I have not seen or heard any loons. 

But then I have not been home much since the ice went out.  When the ice went out a week ago Tuesday, it was  very rainy, cold and foggy day on the lake - with some wind.  So it was hard to see or hear anything if the loons had been there.

Then I left on Wednesday and was gone the whole week, returning night before last.  It has been very windy yesterday and today so it was hard to see if there were any loons, or to pick them out among the waves if they were there.

The seagulls are here by the hundreds if not the thousands.

The lakes in northern Minnesota are still totally covered by ice and probably will be for a couple more weeks at least.  But the spring migration will be here soon if it is not already underway.  I have already seen robins and red wing blackbirds.

So we are getting closer and closer to another season of watching our loons.

This year will be VERY interesting to see what happens.

As you will remember, we lost the male from the LoonCam last summer.  So there are a thousand and one questions for this year.

Will last year's female return with a new mate?  Will she come back to the lake at all?

Or will a new pair take over the nest this year?

Or will the nest go unused?

There is no way to know for sure what will happen.

As usual, we are not the ones in control.  We are merely spectators.  And we can only wait and watch and learn.

But whatever happens, it will be interesting and exciting.

Stay tuned.  And enjoy the ride.


Copyright 2016  Larry Backlund